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Thursday, May 13, 2010

There was a weekend earlier this month that turned out to be more of a shit show than weekends usually are for me.  I started Friday night with a movie at the Tribeca Film Fest, William Vincent. As I step outside to make a phone call, a cab pulls up and out hops lawyer and his "on again, off again, it's complicated" girlfriend (I didn't know about her until after the encounter and his subsequent explanation).

Seriously?  I had texted him a couple minutes earlier to see if he was there, I had noticed that he said he was going to be there that night on facebook.  He breezes past me with nothing more than a glance and a pat on the shoulder and I'm just standing there dumbfounded.  I receive a text from him a couple seconds later that read "haha, I'm sorry" and "I'll explain later".  On the one hand, I'm not sure he owed me an explanation.  I mean, at the time, I just thought he was on another date.  That's the thing about NYC and casual dating, you can see multiple people at a time.  Hell, I was doing it and it's not like we had more than one date.  I was absolutely not beholden to him nor him to me.

He emailed me the following Monday and it turns out that it is truly complicated.  I appreciated the explanation but as I told him, the relationship drama was entirely his, I just didn't want to be dragged into it.  And the bottom line was that I don't want to be lied to.  A lie of omission is still a lie (take note, people).  That and I didn't want to be fed lines. He completely understood after we hashed everything out.  Hard to say what's going to happen next.

On with the night.  My co-worker was celebrating his 23rd birthday at Sweet and Vicious down in Soho.  Yeah, I felt old.  Like, really old.  I hoofed it down to the bar and got settled in among the 23-year-olds.  I know it wasn't that long ago that I was that age, but since I shifted my dating age range to 32-37, they felt and looked like babies.  There is, however, nothing cuter than a 23-year-old trying to throw some game down on you.

Sweet and Vicious, 5 Spring St, NYC, NY (212) 334-7915

The bar was incredibly packed and I spent a good 5 minutes trying to flag a bartender down.  This slightly chubby Asian guy next to me noticed and helped me get my drink ordered.  I told him I was opening a tab and was about to give the bar my credit card when he said "don't worry about it, just remember to come back and say hi".  It was really sweet of him and I don't usually accept drinks from guys (I feel like I owe him something or he might roofie me).  Either way, it was a gentlemanly way of offering a girl a drink.  Aside from that exchange, the night was rather uneventful. Next time I expect to be paid if I'm going to be baby sitting.

Lesson Learned: Leave the drama for your mama.


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